SaplingHow strange and astonishing life can be.

On a clear day, I can see how every little thing that I have ever done has led me to this moment. From the soul shifting, to the most mundane. I delight in finding that some things that I have encountered and disregarded as not for me, or too hard or beyond me, return. The seed planted a year (or half a decade) ago has gestated, quite untended, and a sturdy little sapling has burst to life quite without me noticing.

My anatomy and physiology class was my most loved and feared subject at kinesiology school. That science was a part of my Heath Sciences diploma seemed – amusingly – incongruous to me. I was there to learn to “heal” people. But in spite of myself, I loved it. The extraordinary notion of an immune system built with a fighter cell for every disease that has ever existed AND EVERY DISEASE THAT MAY EVER EXIST, blew my mind. The complexity of the processes that happen every second without us even needing to understand or commit the least effort. That people have noted and continue to try to understand every day how it all works… It excited me on a (pun intended) cellular level.

My initial attempts to apply this wealth of knowledge to my practice of kin was irreverent and ambitious (as I approach all things that excite me.) And my broad-brush-stroked execution was … limp. No matter how much I prepped for a balance with a armoury of facts and stats, the indicator muscle (my primary kinesiology tool) was like “nah, you’re on the wrong track. This is an EMOTIONAL issue.” Frustrated, my thwarted explorations landed in the too-hard-basket (a terrible, but very human trait, of mine.) But a seed was planted from those early clinic days in the late-ish 2000’s.

I return now to my blooming anatomy and physiology sapling! With the gentle, and then not so gentle nudging, of my mentor Michelle Soo, I have been feverishly putting together functional scan charts. The digestive system consumed days of passionate research. Then a hearing function chart for a new client with hyperaclusia; or as I found out on my go-to site, incredibly painfully sensitive hearing. It will also work for clients with tinnitus. Next was a sleeping function chart to tackle insomnia in all it’s insidious forms. Essentially these charts cover every aspect of a body system. Every cell, every gland, every hormone, every muscle that are involved. It provides a thorough assessment of exactly where the stresses are, making the correction of issues comprehensive and long lasting. I’m now working on a menstrual cycle scan chart and then a liver/detox support.

The results, apart from increasing joy in practice, have been satisfying and humbling. Yes, I’m still looking at the mental/emotional aspects. I always will, that’s what I do. But now I’ve also added a cohesive framework from which to ground my work. Annnnnd …. so far so good!

There’s so much to learn and – look at me go! – I’ve well and truly pulled that too hard basket over to have another look. Who says you can’t change?