For Kids

Food & Nutrition

Simple, non-judgemental guidance to help your child and your family eat well with ease

Emotional wellbeing

A safe space for you and your child to understand feelings and how to process them.


Helping create health, wellness and joy for all members of the family.

Kinesiology for Kids Melbourne

From newborns to teenagers kinesiology can help kids and their parents with a vast array of issues including;

  • colic
  • sleep
  • reflux, constipation or loose stools
  • birth trauma
  • latch
  • tantrum
  • fussy eating
  • toilet training
  • delays; speech, social & physical
  • separation anxiety
  • immunity; eczema, frequent viruses, ear infections, tonsils, adenoids
  • staring school 
  • social anxiety
  • bullying & cyber bullying
  • learning difficulties
  • sensory processing
  • school performance anxiety
  • school refusal
  • hormones, weight & skin
  • eating disorders
  • grief


About Renee

Melbourne Kinesiologist

I do joy and vulnerability and courage. And a good smattering of silliness. And I help people.

Fostering a space where you and your child are safe to share yourselves and share your wounds is what I do.  I’m trained to find the patterns in the story and I help you to draw the pieces together in to a cohesive whole.

Symptoms express themselves uniquely. With kinesiology I verbalise what the body is crying out to tell you.  Kinesiology helps you to understand the casual factors and clears the stress at the root cause.

I began treating in 2007 wide eyed and optimistic. I’m still optimistic despite climate change and Donald Trump and Married At First Sight.  I’m married to the sweetest man on the eastern seaboard, Mum to a cheeky toddler who loves dancing and the moon, I love to act & sing. And help people.